Monorail Handling System

Lateral Transfer

Mantion installations can be equipped with our lateral transfer system. This system allows to move forward a load in a automatic way on a determined distance. It allows to move forward a load bar or a trolley in a painting cabin or in an oven for example. The lateral transfer Mantion is adaptable on all Hercules range, from 9030 until 9070 track. A drive unit equipped with a torcque limiter pull a chain equipped with pusher dogs and a tension unit close the system. These pusher dogs allows to drive trolleys disposed in Hercules profiles.

Monorail Handling System

Monorail systems are typically mounted directly to the underside of the existing roof support structure. Consists of Rails typically elevated, Train Suspended From it, Carriage Contacts the Beams on Top & Both side for Traction to Stabilize the Vehicle Monorail systems can also be suspended from free-standing, self supporting structures such as an A-frame or sometimes referred to as goal posts.

Roof Hanger

The us of MANTIOn products requires the obligatory preliminary knowledge of our technical notes. Available upon request